BT Sports Pub Chicken Wings in Scottsdale

Having lunch with my husband and we decided to venture out to a neighborhood bar BT’s. We decided to order the “Daytona” style chicken wings in Buffalo Hot sauce and a new Boulder Gold. Asia our bartender recommended Boulder Gold- which is a combination of barbeque sauce and spicy jalapenos. One note on their menu you order a pound you get 8 chicken wings. “Daytona” style wings are grilled as opposed to fried. What I also like i that you can mix and match wing amounts and sauces. So we’re going to get 1 lb of 1/2 of one sauce an 1/2 lb of a different sauce.

What’s awesome too is that they have free wifi which is clutch.

As we typically roll – we ordered some beer. In later blog we’re going to be discussing beer pairings with chicken wings. Matt ordered a normal domestic beer – and I got a Blue Moon.

As we wait for our wings, BT’s has very creative menu and have great specials.

So we tried both and here’s our opinion: the “Daytona” style was a good call. The wings were juicy and the grilling only enhanced the flavor. The owner told us they coat the wings with sauce before they grill and then sauce them again after the grilling. The Boulder Gold really surprised us. We typically go the traditional hot wing sauce and this is our first fore into a different sauce. The Gold stood out and I feel it’s because of the grilling. It was tangy, sweet followed by spicy.

Final stats:

1. Boulder Gold – 8.5 out of 10 (His); 9.0 (Hers)
2. Hot Sauce – 8.0 out of 10 (His); 8 (Hers)

We decided that we need to come back since there were so many unknowns – what does the extreme hot taste like and normal frying version? “We just more questions than answers” as Matt said.



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