Arenas Sports Grill in Scottsdale

Chicken wings! It’s another Monday and another two dozen chicken wings. Spending lunch at Arena’s Sports Grill in north Scottsdale. Matt is really digging the OTB and I’m catching up on Sunday Football game results. Matt has already won two races and we might end up even on the food bill with the horse race winnings. Anyhow, back to business. The bar has this old neighborhood charm. No funny modern business with women dressed in scandily clad uniforms. It is part bar and restaurant and the bar area has one long bar and a ton of tv’s. Did I mention free wifi?

Onto the chicken wings. Nice helping of wings – pretty much your standard chicken wing sauce. Crispy exterior and a nice juicy finish. Price was about $14.99 for 2 dozen. Mind you, we’ve been here a few times and I laud Arenas for their consistency. I downed the wings with some Bud, and Matt ordered a special dark draft – Red Rover. We also ordered their chicken and steak phillies – which were awesome! Great fries too. Overall, a pleasant chicken wing experience!

Final Stats:

Hot Chicken wings: 8.5/10 (his and hers)

Celia and Matt


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